Friday, May 23, 2008

Tata and All That

Cuba has expressed an interest in the small Indian car, the Tata Nano. Of course, the last time New Delhi did business with the regime, it wound up with some particularly worthless IOU's. Read all about it at the Hindu Business Line. You can read the specifications here.
Cubans can now envision a future in which they can drive their Tatas to their little plastic houses, a true socialist Utopia.


Ms Calabaza said...

I don't know about the Tata but when I saw the crash test on the Smart Car it scared me to think of one of my family members in that little tin can.

Angel Garzón said...

The Kasstros' Kuba has the most eclectic automotive junk yards in América (the real one, not the colloquially usurped one,) the regime has done business and given the business to so many foreign car manufacturers, that once the tyranny falls, the new Cuba could very easily establish one of the most world renowned automotive museums. It is a credit to the U.S. car manufacturers, that of all the brands that have come and gone in Cuba from 1950 till the present day, the most resilient cars to this very day are the pre-1960 U.S. built ones, they are almost a living, moving, constantly evolving entity(ies) that to me, vividly represent not only the quality of craftsmanship, engineering and design that were prevalent within their manufacturers mindset, but most importantly, the spirit of the Cuban people, their tenacity in the face of repressive, suffocating, murderous adversity and their inventive capabilities, which are just marvelous, genius loci. Gotta be proud of them.

rsnlk said...

And I am, angel. Thanks for the comment.