Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little Plastic Houses

Actually, I don't know what color they'll be, but the regime is touting little plastic houses as a partial answer to the housing crisis in Cuba. The government will construct 14,000 of these beauties, made of PVC left over from the petrochemical processes from the Cienfuegos refinery, originally built by Americans, refurbished at Soviet expense, and now newly redone by Chavez & C0. I'm not making it up. Read here.

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Angel Garzón said...

I, strike that (blogspot won't accept that code) I know, that the communists never learn, not even from their own disastrous mistakes, they had the population really excited back in the early 1970s when they made a deal with Volkswagen for a license to assemble plastic utility vehicles, which most of us called "los yipitos plasticos" they resembled WWII era Wehrmacht cabriolet light transports manufactured by VW and Daimler, the fad did not last long, they quickly became piles of refuse, especially when they were involved in accidents with the pre-1959 U.S. cars, which of course, led to the usual tirades against the "Yanqui imperialistas" and their purported soon to come invasion. What else is new?