Saturday, May 24, 2008

Feeling Bookish

Missed two just released offerings in the last book post. First is Kathy Reichs' Devil Bones. For those who've forgotten or just never knew, Reichs is behind the TV Series Bones, which is based on the Temperance Brennan character. While I enjoy the show, kinda like a 21st century "Moonlighting" without Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd- same chemistry- the novels have a lot more substance. Having acknowledged that, I will venture that the franchise has been getting a tiny bit worn. Still, I'm making a bee line for the reserve list. There's an interesting video of the author at Barnes & Noble's website here.

Although Temperance Brennan is a metaphorical kinswoman to Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta character (without all the chi chi touches), Cornwell's latest- The Front- is not a Scarpetta novel. It's billed as an "at risk" team novel. So many sleuths; so little time.

Another new release generating buzz appeals to me because a portion of it is devoted to playing cricket at Walker Park in Staten Island. This bucolic spot is up the block from the chemical stew that is the Kill van Kull and is one I associate with many an adolescent evening revolving around the chugging of Tango on the ball field. Not surprisingly, there are no longer any Staten Islanders in the Staten Island Cricket Club. Ah, talk about your paradise lost. Read an article about Joseph O'Neill's Netherland in the times here.

If you should find yourself in London, stop by the Imperial War Museum, a venue I hear is really worthy of a visit in its own right, for the “For Your Eyes Only: Ian Fleming and James Bond” exhibition that will run until March of 2009. This New York Times article about it has some interesting info about the late author. Truth be told, those of you who have actually read the novels can attest that there is little correlation between the novels and the movies after the first few Bond features. By the bye, tried rereading them a few years ago; they are sexist, bigoted, and good as I remembered.

From Newsweek, an article about something I've noted before. There is a silver lining to the reading cloud: more teens are reading. A caveat- in examining the whys and wherefores, the article extols the freedom and breadth of subjects, all of that is code for some of the most popular books deal with substance abuse, rape, violence, and not your traditional family. The appropriateness depends on the personal circumstances and the emotional maturity of the teen reader. Just a heads up.

And to end on a double up note, although it pertains to TV and not the printed word.... Caught the last episode of Ugly Betty for the season and spotted the guy from Invasion. I'm still in mourning over the cancellation of the series. Sure enough, that young cutie and philandering coach is Cuban American.

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