Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ahora sí le patina!

I like to think that Fidel actually dictates the reflections. One of the most recent, May 22, leads me to think: “Ño, ahora de verdad que le patina,” or “He’s really lost it now!” Of course, it could be the ghostly writer’s ghost writer.

Let’s pay a passing notice to the requisite egregious falsehood-

They refer to atrocious tortures, something that has never occurred in our country and which even the least informed of Cubans knows. And who speaks of tortures? McCain, the candidate and George W. Bush, the President.

What absolutely stun me are the virtually unrefuted quotes from Bush and McCain he includes:

“The freedom fighters who gained the independence of Cuba more that one hundred years ago could not have imagined that their descendants would be in a battle for liberty and democracy a century later.”

“One day Cuba will be an important ally in bringing democracy to our hemisphere.”

“The tyranny will not last until the end of time and as President I will not passively await the day the Cuban people enjoy the blessing of freedom and democracy. I will not wait.”

You can read the whole rambling thing in Granma.

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