Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday News

Falcons and Filchers. In one of the oddest developments this week, two young female looters in Kosovo have become counterparts to the Obama Girl on YouTube. As one of the perps put it, "We looted because we are poor, not because we are rich." Read about it. If you think the Cuba situation is hard to discern, try the Balkans. Books highly recommended on the topic: Balkan Ghosts By Robert D Kaplan and Black Lamb and Grey Falcon by Rebecca West, this last if you are a history buff with the patience to read two volumes.
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Superbugs and Soldiers. In a frightening twist to military injuries, at least 20% of returning casualties will face a highly resistant bacteria. Doctors are in a quandary as to how to respond. Meanwhile here's another story about antibiotic resistant bacteria wreaking havoc with one woman's life stateside.

Dogs and Divas. News comes that the Dog the Bounty Hunter Show will resume production. Don't watch it myself, but it's nice to see him back. Speaking of nice things, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are the proud parents of a matched set, born on Friday in Long Island. Read it. Bienvenidos, twins!

Nibs and Nips. One of those things you didn't know here. Apparently, there is a myth in England that the queen owns all the swans. One little girl, bitten by one of these beautiful but foul-tempered creatures, wrote to the Queen for an apology. Despite not owning the offending fowl, the Queen complied. Only here.

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