Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cuba News Round-up

There's been so much going on...

Which Raul? If you read the Babalublog post on the Newsmax article on Raul by Humberto Fontova, you might notice the slight omissions in the AP's bio of same. You know, his role as executioner, perhaps.

Again with the Snacks. I took exception to this one in an earlier incarnation. Fellas, the word snack implies in addition to three squares, a near impossibility in Cuba. To use this terminology creates and propagates a misunderstanding that can have serious ramifications for these same Cubans who haven't had a true snack in decades.

Who Stole the Cookie. For those of you that didn't know it, the US is to blame for Cuba's predicament. The many sins of the US apparently wipe out fifo's thievery, murder, nuclear threat, political oppression and economic mismanagement. Or so DeWayne Wickham seems to suggest, writing in USA Today. I've given up expecting anything factual from that source, but really. Read it. Know the enemy. Wickham also earns a lifetime membership in the tortured metaphor club with that book analogy.

Dear Jose. New York politician Jose Serrano, who was the only one of same who saw fit to issue a paean to a murderous dictator, might benefit from reading this open letter to the United States Congress by Rolando Jiménez Posada, one of those imprisoned in the Black Spring of 2003, particularly the part about asking for congressional support. Of course, he'll probably need a translator.

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