Sunday, February 24, 2008

The "Eyes" Have It

Here are some responses to the Great Stepdown from around the web.

from The Beast of Havana , an editorial at NRO online:

Fidel Castro has been one of the cruelest dictators in living memory. He has also been the longest-“serving.” What has Castro served? Repression, torture, and murder. He seized power in January 1959. He is now “retiring,” just short of his 50th year in power. His golden jubilee will surely be marked, regardless; seldom have 50 years been less golden or more awful.

from Elmer Smith: "It's past time: Normalize relations with Cuba now" in Philadelphia Daily News:

Embarrassing is a kind way to describe it. Hypocritical, counter-productive, duplicitous and short-sighted are a few equally apt descriptions.
(Describing US Policy, not the obvious)

from After Fidel, an interview with Brian Latell, author of the tome by the same title, in Newsweek.

On Tuesday, the State Department called Raul "dictator lite." Is that a fair assessment?

Well, Fidel and Raul are dictators. They've never been subjected to a fair, democratic process.

And so it goes...

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