Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Study in Contrast

Quienes nunca tuvieron miedo, sin que se lo dijeran el Papa ni el Cardenal, fueron aquellos hermosos jóvenes iluminados por los ideales del amor a la libertad y a nuestro Señor Jesucristo que se enfrentaron a las balas de los pelotones de fusilamiento al grito de “Viva Cristo Rey”.

The Ones who didn't have fear, without being told by the Pope or the Cardinal, were those beautiful young men illuminated by their ideals of love of liberty and our Lord Jesus Christ who confronted the hail of bullets with the calls of "Viva Cristo Rey," or "Long Live Christ the King."

Alfredo Cepero in a article on Misceláneas de Cuba, entitled "With God and the Devil" in which he contrasts the timidity of the Church to those who faced Fidel's firing squads. If you read Spanish, it's worth the visit here.

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