Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tell Me

What other group is treated so disrespectfully in the press. Granted, it's the Guardian.

Apart from the loud-mouthed Cuban-American right in Florida - whose threat of return and a CIA-fuelled menace of civil war has faded over time - there exists a less bellicose opposition within Cuba. And seeking it out over the years is like peeling an onion, as it passes from generation to generation.

Loud-mouthed? Really, what a lack of finesse. And if I've gotten the gist of the rest of the article correctly, Cubans really want to continue their socialist way of life, although they don't want to continue their way of life. Everyone is waiting for change, but the young are even more dedicated to the Revolution than the previous generation, but maybe that's not true. In other words, other than slandering a victimized people and a few jabs at the US, the author says nothing.

No one actually knows how the Cuban people feel, because they are not allowed to express their opinions. Oh, but that's alright. It's the US that's the bully. What's sad is that it circles the truth, but the author cannot get beyond his own frame of reference, his preconceived notions and his obvious distaste for the emotional nature of your average Cuban. What is "open" in Cuba is "loud-mouthed" in Florida. Self-serving and self-reinforcing leftist gobbledygook.

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