Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"It's ALIVE!"

Or so it would seem, as Babalu reports via Michelle Malkin. Read the comments section on Malkin's original post, as the various commentors seek to answer the question- real or wax?
But first take a look at the picture above. The AP report describes the aging and infirm tyrant as "frail, alert, and playful." Since fifo is no wooly lamb, I assume that's code for "out of his ever loving mind." The fascination with the camera, which appears in a few of the fotos, has childlike overtones. He does not just point it at the photographer but also plays with it beforehand.
The true story of his health, if it is him is told by his hands. Note the clawlike aspect of the fingers, the pallor of the hands in contrast to the face. Guess makeup central forgot about them.
Anyway, what shape he is in is irrelevant to the greater questions. The infernal machine, the crime family he-the capo de tutti capo- created continues to roll on without him at the wheel.
(forgive the format-blogger is possessed again.)

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