Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lula in LuLuLand

Whass up wit' dis? When Lula was first elected in Brazil, he was described as a leftist. But since the election, he has been low key and even helpful. Suddenly he is front and center in the fifo follies. Get a gander at these quotes from the AP report:

"He has incredible lucidity and impeccable health," the Brazilian president said. "He's as lucid as in his best moments."


Silva said politicians were like athletes, possessing a need to stay active. He said he felt Castro "would soon take on a political role in Cuba"

If he were in impeccable health, fifo would have met him at the airport with a full brass band and a phalanx of photographers. As to lucidity, all one has to do is read his ramblings. And any future political role would have to be as a totem pole. So why is the President of Brazil uttering these patent untruths? Why is he following the script so slavishly?

Suspicious minds might ask bribery or blackmail? Perhaps Brazil's much vaunted ethanol could use a boost from some cut rate Venezuelan crude? Or what else? Something seems rotten in the state of Brazil.

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