Saturday, April 25, 2009

There's Money to be Made: He's Not My Brother

I guess one should not expect morality from a business publication, but one would expect some business savvy. First off, this piece from Businessweek would seem to be designed to appeal to the angels of our basest nature. It's all there: how Americans' rights are curtailed by the restrictions, how the rest of the world has beaten us to the Caribbean trough, yada, yada, yada. Oh, and the "experts" quoted are expert apologists for the ruling military junta. The answer here: Mr Obama should just short circuit the legislative process and do an end run around the congress, and, one might hazard, the constitution.

The biggest stupidity, however, is the lament that American ability to do business with Cuba is limited by the inability to extend credit. The suggestion: give them ninety days. Considering that Cuba is essentially a scofflaw nation, and the next-to-the-worst debtor at that, the suggestion would be laughable, if the continued repression of 11 million souls were not at stake. Talk about your unfunded bailouts. Stupidity.

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