Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare

Almost forgot for a moment there. Don't know how. In my earlier incarnation as a teacher, I would have the students celebrate with costumes, quotes, and grub. To help you celebrate the occasion, go over to the National Review where they have contributors offering their favorites.
Gotta say, I'm hard pressed to pick one.

How about a question: In what play is there more to a pie than meets the eye?


rsnlk said...

Pretty close, Fermi. Right play. If only you could remember the title.

Fermi said...

Clicked on your highlighted 'favorites' and found the title "Titus Andronicus". That's the one.
In my humble opinion, "Macbeth" is the best of the Bard's opi. Armed warfare, life and death struggles, witches, ghosts, castles, murder, a woman you're willing to kill for and things that go bump in the night...WOW!!
"King Lear" is receiving some plaudits from the pundits.
Never liked it. Saw a production in which Hal Holbrook played Mark Twain doing King Lear. Painful to you remember that one?

rsnlk said...

Yup, although I did miss the drunken Macbeth. Boy do I miss Off-Broadway.