Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Specials

Bittersweet Meats. Marking this year's anniversary of the attempt to liberate Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, I was doing a bit of research and came across this site. I have no information about the organization, but there is an interesting duo of interactive maps in addition to some other information here. Just scroll down.

Jellied Tripe. Although I can't quite remember why, I know I've been miffed at the Financial Times, or is that The Economist, or both? Still this discussion of an idea raised by an MITite in The Atlantic Monthly is pretty intriguing. The central question, seemingly, is whether the US at the moment parallels the state of post Communist collapse Russia? I leave it to the reader to decide the relative ideological grounds of each. Start here.

Roti de Boeuf. Leaks from the Sarkozy administration intimate that the intrepid French prez saved the day, and the glib American one is full of hot air. Not too far from my own estimation. Still, the article in the Brit Times Online goes on to cast it as a case of sour grapes originating from the wine capital, more of a fit of pique on Sarkozy's part.

Canned Fruit. In this, USA Today labels them "economic survivalists," and the more extreme might well be. The report is of interest because it notes a beneficial aspect of the current downturn, namely, the examination of our values.

Cooked Goose. In ongoing stories, the latest threat of a pre emerging pandemic is an outbreak of Bird Flu in Egypt chronicled over at the Independent. And we round off the week with some wacky product warnings courtesy of Foxnews.


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