Thursday, April 23, 2009

Clueless or Callous?

In this must read column, Nat Hentoff seizes on a moment which crystallizes the seemingly wilful blindness of the Congressional Black Caucus on their Cuban jaunt. These notables laid a wreath at a memorial to Martin Luther King, even as a follower of King lay imprisoned not so many miles away.

As Hentoff writes,

In a cruel irony, the Caucus visitors laying flowers at the King memorial appear utterly unaware of this inspiration to many silenced Cubans in Castroland, although Biscet has been internationally covered by reporters, including myself. Nor were these visiting admirers of Fidel and Raul seemingly aware that a biography of Martin Luther King Jr. – seized during the 2003 crackdown raids on independent libraries – was, among other subversive books, ordered burned by Castro's judges in one-day trials.

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