Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wow! The Truth

You gotta read this at Accuracy in Media. David Landau writes a few home truths. First and foremost, he points out the obsession the embargo lifters seem to have with Cuba. That we should be accused of obsession is understandable, but why these perverse individuals can't leave Cuba alone is unfathomable.

The most important part of the article is the withering denunciation of the regime, and indirectly of those who would do business with it:

Decades of history have now shown the bitter fruits of Castro’s rule. In all that time, the U.S. embargo has achieved exactly what it set out to do. It has simply stated, for everyone to hear, that Americans do not wish to have trade with Cuba’s overlords and slave-masters.

It is such a clear, and concise statement of the rationale for not lifting the embargo that it should be reprinted everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Page 324 of the book Cuba Patria en Lagrimas y el Mensaje de Liansu.
Translation of Ofelia Fox's (Liansú) broadcast of January 1, 1964 thru WMIE (now La Cubanisima) of Miami, Florida:
"Today, when we stand at the threshold of a new year full of hope I send, to all those that listen to me here and in Cuba, my love; confirming my faith in God and in the strength of all Cubans. I cannot tell... nobody can, when we shall return to the free land where we were born. How and when we will regain the prestige, honor and rights that we inherited from those that gave their lives for Cuba's freedom. Going back. It is not possible to "go back" because every second that passes is gone and our lives continue on. But we can go back to our fields, our churches, to the grave of those that have died and to the crib of the just born Cubanito that will read in history books about the great treason of a revolution that has only enslaved and silenced the voice of the Cuban that only wants to express an opinion, work, produce, be loyal to his friends and happy with his family. We can go back to open the jails where those that opposed communism are languishing. We can go back to give them sun, love and respect. We can go back to see our sky and embrace those that have received unjust punishment and humiliation. We can go back to enjoy our rivers, valleys and mountains. To smile before our "guajiros" cultivating their crops; before the brick and the steel that will rebuild what has been destroyed by those that hate us today because we refuse to be silent accomplices of the killing of our brothers and the enslavement of our people. We can also go back to the distilling of the rum and the sound of the "maracas." I pray to God that He gives me enough life to go back to laugh, cry, embrace everyone and scream to the world: We are Cubans and we have returned home!"

"Trata de ser tú el fuerte. El que consuela. El que anima. Y si después de tanto hacer todavía sientes que flaqueas piensa en Cuba y busca a Dios. Que quizás de tanto pensar en tí te hayas olvidado un poco de los dos."
Ofelia Fox (Liansú) en "El Mensaje de Liansú" transmitido por la WMIE-Radio de Miami el Lunes 22 de Octubre de 1962 y página 142 del libro CUBA PATRIA EN LAGRIMAS Y EL MENSAJE DE LIANSU.