Thursday, January 10, 2008

Git Along Little Doggies

Here are some strays:

Cuba has announced that it is resurrecting a past program to bring culture to its penal institutions. Forgive me, but it brings to mind scenes from A Clockwork Orange. What was that? Beethoven’s Ninth? Such luminaries as Silvio Rodriguez, Amauri Pérez, Vicente Feliú, and the seemingly ubiquitous Eusebio Leal have enlisted (or been enlisted) in the program, slated to start in the middle of January. Article in Spanish here.

The star of the new Spanish, as in being presented in Spain, musical based on The Diary of Anne Frank is a young Cuban exile. 13 year old Isabella Castillo fled the island with her mother, hid out in Honduras, and eventually ended up in- you guessed it- Miami. Read it here. has a post that the movie Shoot Down about the shooting down of two unarmed Brothers to the Rescue planes by the Cuban regime will premiere on January 18th in Miami. No details as to location. The film opens on January 25th.

The Leamington Post advises that Ruby Rose, a scaup duck fitted with a transponder, has left the chill climes of Canada and taken up residence near Florencia, Cuba (near the large indentation on the North coast). Ciego de Avila duck, anyone? Go here and click on the link and you, too, can follow Ruby’s progress.
For all you Key West party animals, there is a celebration of the 80th anniversary of the first flight from Key West to Cuba, incidentally also the first ever international flight over water, on January 16 at 5. The Conch Flyer Restaurant will be doing the catering. Don't ask me, I live in staid Sarasota. Read all about it here.
And finally, I've been waiting to fit this one in all week. At La Contra Revolución, Gusano advocates for the dignity of the Cuban people. Even if you overlook the matter of human rights, of hunger, or scarcity, he suggests, any government that cannot provide toilet paper for its people after 50 years does not deserve to rule. I think he may have a point. Read it in Spanish and weep here.
Bye the bye, the title comes from the old cowboy song, "Green Grow the Lilacs," which some have posited as the origin of the term "Gringo."
(Sometimes I hate Blogger.)

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