Sunday, January 6, 2008

Okay, I guess it's officially Sunday, so here goes...

All is Vanity. Word comes that Tom Wolfe is working on a new book, a sort of Bonfire of the Vanidades set in Miami. Containing crime, sex, and corruption, it's characters are said to include a Cuban nurse, French sex doctor, and a journalist on the trail of the Russian mob in Dade. Don't run to place your order yet, though. He expects to be finished in four years. Read about it here.

Believe it or not. There's providence in the fall of a sparrow and incredible luck in the fall of this window washer who survived a 47 story plunge. "Doctors have never seen anything like it," the report tells us. 37 year old Alcides Moreno is expected to recover and even walk again. Reminds me of a story years back of a woman who fell from the Empire State Building but was blown back in a few stories down.

One Step Forward. Fox's Bill O'Reilly was involved in something of an altercation according to this tidbit picked up by Drudge. O'Reilly was trying to get Obama's attention, in order to invite him on his show, but was blocked by an Obama staffer, whom he jostled out of the way. O'Reilly denies any scuffle here, saying that he gently removed the obtrusive staffer.

What a way to go. In yet another green extreme. Now they're worrying about the toxic effects of burial practices. You, too, can be buried in a kayak-shaped coffin made of recycled newspapers. As the owner of The Natural Burial Company, Cynthia Beal describes it as "composting at its best." Article here.

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