Monday, January 7, 2008

Update: Christmas Present

Florida rancher John Parke Wright, not one of my favorite people with his anti-embargo-let's-all get-along-and-get-rich position, demonstrated his largess by dressing up as Santa Claus and giving about 150 of those poor little Cuban children presents at a Havana convent. The visit, while not officially sanctioned, did have the presence of Ramon Castro. It was a nice gesture, but I was more moved with another toy giveaway.

In a more poignant event, the children of political prisoners also had a visit from Santa in the guise of 11 year old Rocio de Jesus Viso Bello whose father is imprisoned. Held in the home of Laura Pollan of the Women in White, the giveaway was sponsored by CANF, the Cuban American National Foundation. Yeah, those intransigent exiles again.

Read it here.

Update: Los Miquis de Miami has pictures of the second event here.
H/T Penultimos Dias

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