Thursday, November 8, 2007

More Biscet Coverage

MSNBC producer Mary Murray has posted on Biscet's award on their World Blog. And she doesn't call him a "Cuban Doctor," either. She covers most of the usual bases with one exception:

While this [previous international attention] has done nothing to free her husband, Morejón believes international awareness has led to an improvement of his prison conditions.

Once confined to a small cell with little light or ventilation in a rural prison hours from his family, Biscet has been transferred to Havana’s Combinado del Este Penitentiary, where he has a desk, a chair and a locker for his personal belongings.
Morejón said Biscet has managed to regain some of the 40 pounds he lost since his initial incarceration.

He is still in bad shape, but at least the notice has done something. God watch over them all.

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