Monday, November 5, 2007

Cable's Response to Biscet's Medal: Yaaawn!

Haven't been able to watch TV today, so I decided to comb the cable news websites to see the response to the ceremony today. Naive me, I thought it would make a good news story. Apparently the cable outlets didn't.

The ceremony and/or Biscet didn't make the cut at CNN and Fox news. I couldn't find it. Amazingly enough, it did make the home page at MSNBC, their reporters even got off their lounge chairs long enough to interview Biscet's wife. Overall, though, the tone was factual, exactly the tone they should take to their other reports on Cuba. I guess that since they couldn't inject how the embargo is starving Cubans, it was "just the facts, Ma'am."

AP has a report out and did its best to bury the real story, Biscet's name and brief description appears in the list of five winners in a straight report about the ceremony. That's more than Reuters which devoted the thrust of its article to Harper Lee and reduced Biscet to a half sentence also-won. However, there was an entire story on how Bush has singlehandedly diminished the food trade to Cuba. Seems everyone is waiting for a regime the United States, that is.

Sometimes they disgust me. We'll see what the morrow brings. Hopefully, something different.

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