Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Best TV Nights or I Like Stupid Shows

Time for some lightness of being, despite the writers' strike coming just as I settled into my fall TV schedule. Best nights, hands down, Monday, Tues, and Thursday.

On Monday, we have Chuck, the sweet erstwhile geek, who inadvertently becomes involved in international espionage. Following is Heroes, which is getting a bit tiresome with its "have to save the world" plot line, but still has some oompf. Finally, at ten is the stylish CSI Miami. While it's true I've never seen it so dark or so many people wearing long sleeves in Miami , the writing is good and has stood up to a few years.

Tuesday, my non big three night, starts with the quirky Bones. I confess I read all the Kathy Reichs, as well as Patricia Cornwell, novels. Good sexual tension and graveyard humor in this one. It's followed by the air guitar-playing, Vicodin-addicted misanthropic doctor in House. I was a little worried when he lost his three sidekicks, but that seems to have been handled well. Nothing like the value of good writing. Oops! At ten, I confess to watching Cane, which has gotten a tad better. Of course, the problem is that it conflicts with Law and Order: SVU.

Finally, Thursday night kicks off with a bigger dilemma. How can I watch Ugly Betty and Earl at the same time? I admit I resisted Betty for a while, thinking it was a nasty premise. Then I watched and realized that despite the superficial nature of the show, Betty's character embodies some good, solid values. I especially like the warmth of her Mexican American family life, particularly in contrast to those much richer and way more stylish. Earl, I discovered last year. Like the premise: love the characters. After that, there's a gap until ten when the recently relocated Law and Order: Criminal Intent comes on.

It's a good thing commercial TV has come through because the usual documentary channels, unlike me, seem to be transfixed with astronomy and lions in Africa, which makes for some dissension when my favorite packrat is awake.
Rumor is that Rosie of "terrorists are people, too" fame will join NBC "News." That title is rapidly becoming a misnomer. That a news organization would hire a person, of whatever political persuasion, who has made a habit of publicly issuing sweeping untrue statements, is the height of irresponsibility. You know some ditz is going to believe what she says. And, yes, Rosie, fire will melt steel. You haven't been watching your documentaries.


Anonymous said...

Fermi says:
Best thing on TV is sports. How great is the October line up of MLB playoffs/World Series, NCAA football, the NFL on Sunday ( and Monday Night), and the opening of the NHL season. As for broadcast TV, I've never watched 'Chuck' and 'Heroes', and while 'CSI:Miami' is OK' I can't take too much of the red-haired guy..... he's a one trick pony as far as I'm concerned. Your Tuesday shows are pretty good. Enjoy Boreanaz in 'Bones', and Dr. House is entertaining and keeps me guessing. 'SVU' usually gets it right too. Tried sitting through 2 episodes of 'Earl'. I put it in the unwatchable category.......'nuff said 'bout that! 'Friday Night Lights' is terrific......well acted, interesting characters, well written. Also helps that I identify with the coach. If you haven't seen it, catch up with the storyline/past episodes on the NBC website. You'll see what I mean. 'The Office' is pretty funny, and 'Criminal Minds' offers an occasional diversion. Ken Burns latest, "The War", was rivetting TV. As for the documentaries, enough already about our endangered planet and the imminent extinction of all life in the Serengeti and the Arctic if we continue to drive SUVs to work. However, I'll stop in 'mid-surf' for anything dealing with astronomy/space/the universe. Well, that's it for now......gotta see if there's a late NBA game from the left coast.

rsnlk said...

The only episode of the "Office" I can stomach is the Christmas cruise. "Criminal Minds," I like to watch once in a while. Haven't tried "Friday Night Lights," but I will on your recommendation, fermi.
What's wrong with Earl?