Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Recap

Peter and Paul. It's been a long time since a George Will column has spoken to me. This one about taxing one group to specifically fund another group of citizens and its dubious constitutionality hits close to home. Is he writing about taxing smokers to provide health insurance for the children of others? No. The case he writes about is in Illinois. The principle holds.

One and Two. Another entry from Townhall is a feature about new media sensation Glenn Beck. Beck who's gone slightly off the reservation lately, and I write this as a longtime fan, is in actuality performing a great service for many of us. Beck vocalizes what we fear and should make it clear to the big government one world types that we will not go gently into that good night. Besides, the guy's funny.

Glitter and Gold. Just as the wires are burning up with this news, I'd like to offer a timely reminder with this. Amado Veloso Vega whose quest for freedom included a number of attempts to flee Cuba and resulted in the loss of both legs has graduated as a radiologist, walking on prosthetics donated by a Cuban American doctor. The doctor's only request was that he "stand as a role model of success." Talk about your insight into the Cuban American psyche.

Victory and Defeat. Here's one near and dear to my heart: a warm thanks to Patrick Nagle and all those who made the Sarasota "Fringe Festival" possible. Through a clerical error, over three hundred aspiring filmakers being rejected by the Sarasota Film Festival received a mass emailing. Story here. One thing led to another, and a new festival was born. I attended the last day and was thrilled to see real art in all its rawness. Bought my t shirt. Kudos, and I'm there next year.

Adam and Eve. From the Today Show comes the a listing of the 19 worst fast food meals. They probably taste the best, too. Nothing like your fat for your flavor. Take it with a grain of salt, I say. Two, that's two puns, or is it?

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