Friday, April 17, 2009

Absolute Must Read Today: Bay of Pigs

Too often the MSM discusses the Bay of Pigs landing in terms of its failure. It may have been a failure in geopolitical terms, but it was as grand and noble as the charge of the light brigade. The extraordinary courage and efficacy of that small landing force, one thousand some odd, as it faced Cuba's Russian tanks, alone and abandoned by the US President, is truly awe inspiring. My hope is that one day, a Cuban American filmmaker will bring it to the big screen.

Perhaps no one succeeds in bringing the moment to life like Humberto Fontova. He has not disappointed this year. His depiction of the battle brought tears to my eyes. See, Cuban Americans don't see the Bay of Pigs quite the way their fellow citizens do. I'll leave you with a snippet that encapsulates how we feel, but do read the whole thing.

These things went on for three days.

The Brigada's spent ammo inevitably forced a retreat. Castro's jets and Sea Furies were roaming overhead at will and tens of thousands of his Soviet-lavished troops were closing in. The Castro planes now concentrated on strafing the helpless, ammo-less freedom-fighters men.

"Can't continue, " Lynch's radio crackled - it was San Roman [The Commander] again. "Have nothing left to fight with ...out of ammo...Russian tanks in view....destroying my equipment ...How can you people do this to us?" The radio went dead.

"Tears flooded my eyes," writes Grayston Lynch. "For the first time in my 37 years I was ashamed of my country."

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