Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Updated: Just How Puerile They Are

For the record: I am proud of the thousands of my countrymen who registered their displeasure with the direction in which the country is going today. It is their right, and one might argue their duty. Apparently the CNN reporter in this video did not share my sentiments. A less professional display I have never witnessed.

That was until I glommed the Coulter column this week. It would seem that some MSNBC commentators have had great fun with the similarity between tea parties and a homosexual sexual practice. Not numbering proficiency in the terminology commonly used to describe male homosexual practices, aside from the obvious, amongst my many accomplishments, I did a cursory survey on the internet. (Warning: graphic content ahead) "Tea bagging" is the "dipping of one partners testicles into the mouth of the other." And this bears on the manifestations how? This is the best they could muster? This is professional television on a supposed news channel? What's next? Ca-Ca jokes? It only goes to reinforce the view that the people in charge of much of our society, i.e. the media, are stuck in permanent adolescence. Incredible.

H/T Alberto

Update: Not to be outdone, check out this clip from CNN's Anderson Cooper. Unbelievable

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