Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Study in Civility

In between fits of the vapours every time I hear another horrendously large sum to be tossed into the Democrat maw that is the government these days, I rouse myself only to find the tenor of our political discourse sinking ever more rapidly into a morass of juvenile petulance. Rahm Emanuel tells us to find the measure of the man, our President Obama, in his mockery of Republicans. The White House website includes a caption under a "bipartisan meeting" noting GOP requests for autographs, as well as their bad manners in failing to vote for the stimulus. A recent speech shows Obama using the kind of accusatory rhetoric usually reserved for campaigns.

Two observations:
If el Presidente wanted to garner Republican votes perhaps he should have crafted a package that a Republican could sign on to, instead of the nancipolooza they were served. Did he expect them to bend over?

One of the very first lessons on the playground is that one should not be a sore loser but rather a gracious winner. And as he pointed out to the Republicans, "We won."

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