Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Vote for George

Anne Coulter's column this week reminds me of something that's been nagging me. As I read all these rankings of American Presidents, I'm always surprised that George Washington is almost never front and center, number one. As I watch the machinations of Chavez in Venezuela in the grand tradition of leaders who come in to power and refuse to leave, I am always struck by the nobility of our first leader. What would have happened to our grand democratic tradition if he had availed himself of the power offered to him? He was the one who defined the office. What greater achievement could there be?


fermi said...

Agreed. There's Washington on top, then the rest. Rankings always reflect the political biases of those making the lists, be they liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans. But any list that doesn't have the Father of Our Country ranked number one cannot be taken seriously.

Ms Calabaza said...

The man could have been king! I agree, George has to be first on the list.