Sunday, June 22, 2008

Superficial on a Sunday

Stormcloud Gray. This one from the UK, The Royal Bank of Scotland warning that we could be in for a nasty period in the financial markets. My take is that things don't look good, period. Our economy is incredibly resilient, but it doesn't hurt to be careful. My advice: stash some cash while you still can.

Snow White. Couldn't resist this Staten Island story. Jennifer Lopez surprised a bunch of autistic elementary school children at PS 37 by attending their graduation and singing their favorite song. Read it. It's heartwarming and says a lot more about Jennifer than all those tabloid headlines.

Sunflower Yellow. In a story reminiscent of the immigration woes of the Beatles, Martha Stewart has been denied entry to the UK. Extrapolating from the comments made by a Home Office spokesperson in this International Herald Tribune article, her insider lying conviction would seem to make her a danger to British society.

Kinoki Black. If you're like me, you probably sit up wondering whether those foot pads (sorry about the pun) they advertise in the middle of the night really work. Surprise! According to this on MSNBC, they don't. Save your money, the end is nigh!

Nightshade Red. Up late at night with nothing to do? Nothing on TV? Have nothing to read? No problem. Head on over to Page by Page Books and choose from a plethora of books on line. I found Sherwood Anderson's "Sophistication" there. Happy Hunting!

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