Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Cuban Response to the EU: Updated

Antúnez, converted into a de facto counterrevolutionary hero to the point young people already wear tee-shirts with his image, understood, of course, is that anyone who dares don one is immediately detained.

A few days ago, this fragment made up part of a post on the state of things at the moment. Well, no sooner had the EU lifted sanctions than the next day Antunez was arrested, along with his wife and others, at a sit in on behalf of a political prisoner. There is still no word as to his fate. Marc has posted an article, as well as a recording of the event. The quality is not the best, but if you forward it to about 3:15, you will hear the sound of oppression. God watch over them.

H/T Uncommon Sense

Update: The good news is that they have been released, although charged with infractions.

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