Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Read the text of Obama's speech on race. Gotta admit it: the guy is good. He might have left out an inconvenient truth or two, but he hit the right notes, in part because it is a topic he has lived. The one note he didn't leave out was that his white grandmother once confessed to him that she was "scared" of black men on the street sometimes and has said things that made him "cringe." This by the way is the grandmother who he tells us has sacrificed for him. Go figure.

There's some fun stuff around the net on this one. Ann Coulter at her finest seizes upon the reference in this week's column, aptly entitled "Throw Grandma Under the Bus." On a slightly smaller scale, it took me two readings on Nelson Guirado's blog to realize that the post about Grandma was satirical. It is pretty hilarious from the mob burning granny in effigy to the calling out the National Guard to the comment from the "barista" and activist and finally to Obama's calming speech. A must read.

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Nelson said...

Thanks for the kind words.