Monday, March 2, 2009

Bailouts: A Modest Suggestion

Now that we're in the business of spending other people's money, as in providing subprime loans to deadbeat countries, I'd like to propose that we bail out the Eastern European countries instead of Cuba. Doesn't it make more sense to bolster democracies who pay their bills and not totalitarian scofflaws?

My reasoning is thus. There is a move afoot in Congress to provide credit to Cuba. It is a universal truth that Cuba does not pay its debts, ergo the credit is a species of subprime loan. When the subprime loan defaults, that is when Cuba fails to pay, there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, whereupon Obama the Munificent will sweep in and bail out the family farmer, thereby subsidizing Cuba.

The Eastern European countries have been staunch in their support of the United States, often when it was unpopular. Their fragile democracies are facing the vagaries of capitalism for the first time. It would seem that our largess would be better bestowed on these worthy candidates, especially since the EU has turned its back on them. But, heck, that's only common sense, a seemingly scarce commodity in our new world order.

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