Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Sallies

The Art of the Possible. First we start with the ever growing tentacles of the federal government. Over at Townhall, Douglas MacKinnon in this describes the dishonesty which results when politicians continue the unsustainable out of fear. According to the Constitution, remember, all we are entitled to is the "pursuit" and not the attainment of happiness.

Vive la Difference! While on the topic of the Constitution, 11 states are taking on the federal government over the stimulus, asserting that it seeks to usurp their powers under the 10th Amendment. Translation the strings attached to the porkulus would force them to long term spending on the anointed programs. Also at risk according to these intrepid souls are state's prerogatives over guns, God, you know the drill. I love it when this happens. Read it here.

The Mote in Your Neighbors' Eye. My favorite for obvious reasons is the next entry in which Michael Barone highlights the seeming indifference to human rights on the part of the left. Case in point, our dealings with China. Reminds me of an interesting nugget from Fontova about South Africa which casts the hypocrisy about Cuba in relief.

House of Cards. If you can stay up until midnight tonight, don't miss the CNBC special about the housing bubble. I missed it the first time, so I can't write about it. I can say that it should be interesting. Can't stay up? Don't worry, they're going to run it again on the 15th.

The Humanity of it All. If Dante were around, he might create a special circle of hell for Mr. Madoff. The man actually and knowingly seems to have ripped off famed writer and Holocaust survivor Elie Weisel, who lost his personal and foundation money in the scam. Read it here.

The List. From Human Events comes the top 10 blunders committed by the new administration.

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