Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Have They Done? Part Three

I can't be the only one horrified by the "change" upon us. I am not rich; I will never be; nor do I want to be. I am one of those who will ostensibly be untouched by the financial maelstrom being unleashed by the present administration. Having established my lack of financial interest in the matter, I cannot help but think that there is something intrinsically wrong with what is being done to fellow citizens.

The scuttlebutt is that the Bush tax cuts will be allowed to expire. Fair enough. That, however, does not take into account other changes being proposed. No cap on social security contributions, ditto medicare, no mortgage interest deductions, increased capital gains tax, etc...

The truly rich, we all know, can afford to hire experts to work around the law. The brunt of these draconian policies will fall on doctors, lawyers, small business owners, middle tier business executives. These are people who have spent years in schools, have devoted much of their lives to working their way up the ladder, often deferring gratification and sacrificing family. And now, we are apparently turning them into workhorses for the rest of us. There is something very ugly and fundamentally unAmerican about all of this. The founding fathers must be doing cartwheels in their graves.

Heads up: Let's watch the market tomorrow.

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