Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, Monday

Garden Party. There are signs of an incipient taxpayer revolt in the air. Townhall has a pretty fair summary of the situation. Also on Townhall, Lawrence Kudlow elaborates the pitfalls as he, not surprisingly, champions the market alternatives in this column.

Tropical Revue. Over at Lew Rockwell, the indomitable Humberto Fontova takes on TJ English's How the Mob Owned Cuba, and Lost it to the Revolution, a book that has done irreparable damage to the truth. I once found myself in a near shout down in a book store with a gentleman who loved the tome and swore by it's accuracy on the basis of having read it. Read it here.

Lost Worlds. How 'bout some lighter topics? At long last, Atlantis may have been found off the Canary Islands. Sorry, Bimini Road, but this location would make more sense if we go by Plato. And Homer seems to have had a point about Troy. Is it possible? Of course. Will they able to prove it? Take a look for yourself.

Inner Space. I forgot this one earlier. NASA is offering free 0 gravity flights on the vomit comet to budding inventors et al. Deadline for application is March 20, so hurry. Read all about it.

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