Monday, February 9, 2009

A Stimulating Thought

As the President holds his news conference, I am struck with his characterization of all of the jobs that are going to be created or saved by the "stimulus" bill. Of course, he omits mention of the bulk of the expenditures which in no way belong in this legislation. I was excited when I heard that the Senate had tinkered with it, only to have my hopes deflated when they cut what seemed some of the likelier looking projects like school building repairs and left that darn TV switchover literature in there, as well as a host of questionable earmarks.

I've been watching the apologists the past few days arguing that whole new green industries will be launched. Is it the jobs of researchers we are worried about? Is this the kind of undertaking you embark upon by mortgaging the future of your children and grandchildren, or is this a project better undertaken once the situation has stabilized, and we are more solvent?

It raises a question, one heightened by the Obamiam argument tonight. Even if you stipulate that this bill is in reality a stimulus bill and not a liberal pols wish list, you have to answer the question: do we have the right? I've been reading projections that Americans will be risking 9 trillion or so on all of the various bailouts cum stimuli. I have to ask, are things that bad that we will expend the last quivers in our civil bow? What happens if there is another terrorist attack? A true depression? How with any credibility will the government be able to react? Or is this just another example of the baby-boomer-center-of-the-universe-entitlement-neurosis?

As for me, the buffoons running our congress have had a healthy effect. I will quit smoking before I pay another penny so that they can offer free health insurance to people who damn well can afford to pay for it on their own. I have on a lot less than 84 thousand a year. Got my tranquilizers and antidepressant all lined up.

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Ms Calabaza said...

and let's not forget the money for ACORN and the "frisbee park" ...