Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Bit o' This and That

Getting ready for my St. Paddy's Day transmogrification (I become Irish for the day....) early. Anyway, Jose has published the Cubanology Bi-Weekly 19. Some interesting stuff- Babe Ruth and baseball in Cuba, a pretty thorough timeline, as well as a reminder of the ethics to which journalists are supposed to adhere amongst others.

A mention, too, of an important court case in which the exile perspective was vindicated by an appeals court. As a fervent devotee of the written word the concept of censorship is anathema to me. However, the presentation of propaganda as fact in the context of a school library is just plain wrong. Educators have a responsibility to demand accuracy of the materials they use with impressionable children. Get the details here.

While on the subject of letters, here's a bit of fluff about spelling mavens who are mad as hell about the current state of affairs. Although not a card-carrying member of the grammar police- I have been known to unwittingly commit a solecism or two or more- I feel their pain. My advice: give it up. It's a lost cause. Just take a look at the monikers, spelt by the unlettered muse, that parents are foisting on children today.

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