Thursday, November 20, 2008

To The Left of Civility: Corrected and Expanded

By now I'm used to Bush bashing, but I would think that having scored the trifecta, the left would give it a break. Alas, they can not be gracious, even in victory. I was stricken today when I saw the cover of the December Harper's magazine. The cover blared some new installment in the seeming endless parade, accompanied by a vile caricature of the President, made most rodentlike, peering through prison bars.

The article, written by their legal expert, envisions the prosecution of the President for a whole host of real and imagined human rights infractions. Whatever the legalities, the de facto effect of such an undertaking would be to send a chill through those entrusted with safeguarding the homeland from terrorists. It is exactly because the administration, despite its many failings, has managed to stave off further attacks that people like the author have the luxury of contemplating keel hauling its officials. If we extend the same zeal for legal proceedings that seems to typify our society, we can expect the same inhibition and paralysis. Remember the "Chinese wall"?

Beyond the immediate article is the editorial staff. Why did they feel the need, not only to publish this, but to make it their cover article? What it is about the President that evokes such a response from so many of the intelligentsia is fertile ground for research. Judging by the vitriol and the virulence, there is something pathological at work here. They cannot let it go, because they are angry people, and Bush is a convenient and politically correct scapegoat.

If nothing else, for the past eight years those in the chattering classes have demonstrated their immaturity, their willfulness, and their lack of respect for their profession, their readers, and their country. They have made shreds of their credibility, disrespected at least half of the population which does not agree with their politics, given away State secrets, and provided propaganda for terrorists. All in the name of what? A vendetta?

Instead of expanding horizons, provoking debate by providing differing view points, they choose to preach to the converted. I guess they only want card-carrying liberals to buy their magazine.
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Ms Calabaza said...

Sorry, but I'm really angry at Bush but not for the reasons the Left are attacking him. I feel he's been detached and unaware of just how serious our problems have been. He just "hasn't been there", IMHO. Granted, I always give him credit for keeping us safe but God I pray for another Ronald Reagan . . . but I don't see any out there. We need a LEADER.

rsnlk said...

I, too, have been disappointed. You're right about Bush being detached. To be fair the administration attempted to address the mortgage situation on a number of occasions. I've seen the video. But think about it. If the President had pushed the issue, he would have been blamed for tanking the economy. Now, I think he's respecting the message sent by the electorate. I have to wonder, though, if there isn't some measure of spite in his retreat.

I confess, I'm reassured that at least Obama announced part of his economic team, although I am pretty disgusted at Richardson.