Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Congrats to the Emerging Cuban American Demographic

The purportedly 35% of Cuban Americans who voted for Mr. Obama should pat themselves on the back. Their choice has not only appointed Greg Craig, lawyer for Fidelite cause in the Elian case, as a Special Counsel; but word is that he has asked Eric Holder, implicated in the forcible seizure of Elian by armed agents as well as the infamous Marc Rich pardon, to be Attorney General. I'd hazard to say that Mr. Obama does not give a flying fig for the sensibilities of Cuban Americans.

To these I say "That's why we vote Republican."


Ms Calabaza said...

. . . wonder what post they'll give to Janet Reno? ...pathetic Clinton retreads.

Agustin Farinas said...

Those Cubans who voted for Obama were mostly late comers to Florida and in the majority were born and educated in the Castro schools after the Revolution. They are the same type of Cubans who say they do not have anything against the Revolution or the Comandante and all they wanted was a better life when they came to the US.
For a sample of their views you can visit the Maiami Herald blog Cuaderno de Cuba or Herejias y Capirihnas. Both of these Blogs have countless examples of the opinions and attitudes of these new Miami Cubans.
They heap scorn and insults on the older generation of Cubans who were the early arrivals from Castro's Cuba and call them the Miami Cuban Maffia or the "old decrepit exiles". In fact for a shining example of these new breed of Cubans, visit the Review of Cuban American Blogs of Manuel Tellechea, and read the usual comments of one persona with the moniker of Fantomas. There in all its splendor, you can read the asenine comments of one of the prime examples these type of Cubans.