Monday, October 13, 2008

Some Parallels for a Monday

The Sound of Silence. On Townhall, David Limbaugh calls Obama, "The Stealth Candidate," raising the idea that it wasn't just "association" with Ayers. Rather as Melanie Phillips points out in this most excellent piece in the Mail, it was "participation." It is sad that it takes a foreigner to point out the Barackian reality in a cogent, well-written column.

The Nature of Responsibility. At the New York Post, Kirsten Powers makes the most excellent point that Americans helped bring us to this economic pass by living well beyond our means. Where's the outrage now?

The Divine of Domesticity. In a change of pace, here's an interesting read from Nathan Jeffay about Judaism and the holidays. I post it, because as someone with a lone Jewish relative, I have often been struck by the beauty of religious observance in the home. It makes the divine more immediate, somehow.

The March of Progress. At the Times(UK), we are informed by a leading geneticist that evolution has hit a dead end of sorts. The engine of change has apparently been stifled by our social mores and the advances in curbing infant mortality, or some such. It's pretty interesting stuff.

The Kindness of Strangers. I'll leave you with a human interest story. In Port Orange, Florida, an apparent operator malfunction at an amusement park ride left a mother entangled 40 feet up, clutching onto her toddler. All is well, as the crowd caught the little girl. Read it here.

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Ms Calabaza said...

With regard to your first story, I think this is a good presentation (about 5 minutes long). :~)