Friday, September 19, 2008

It's in the News, Che

I once knew an Argentinian whose every other word seemed to be "che," the expression not the murderer, which is incidentally how the murderer acquired the epithet. Reminds me of a cute story, cute at least to me. I was in Miami Beach during the height of the South American buying frenzy in the '80's, when this poor Argentian gentleman was abandoned by his family which was supervising the loading of their manifold packages, this being Miami. Unfortunately they left him in charge of the near life-sized inflated Shamu, the killer whale. My last glimpses of said gentleman had him sitting astride the beast, frantically rocking, as if it were a bucking Bronc, in a seemingly futile effort to deflate the beast while the crammed taxi awaited him, all the time lamenting "pero, che, quien se le occure comprar este bicho?"

That's it for the lighter note, unless you count Humberto Fontova's acerbic take on Benicio del Toro and the Soderbergh movie. Read his article on WorldNet Daily here. I can take consolation in this article from Spain I came across via Penultimos Dias which touching the movie asks whether it is not time to deconstruct the myth? After all if the Che had had his way, "today all of South America would be a pathetic Cuba." Article in Spanish here.

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