Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday in the Garden

Gather Ye Rosebuds.... In addition to the leading bookstore indicators, the polls continue to show the Illinois Senator's position heading South. This is going to prove interesting. Read about it in Newsweek.

Every Rose has its Thorn. Lots of press about airline imbroglios this week. There was the planeload of passengers who, understandably miffed because the crew was delayed, booed their pilot. As I discovered, wedged between two very large gentlemen with a decided disinclination to close their legs, it is never a good idea to po the airline people. Personally, as I come armed with a good book, I don't mind waiting off the airplane. Were I stuck on the tarmac, I would undoubtedly freak, being tempted to do what this passenger did here.

The Bloom is Off the Rose. T. Boone Pickens, concerned citizen or savvy investor or both, has launched his own media campaign to address the oil situation. His interim solution: wind for generating electricity and natural gas for cars. Of course, he's building a mega wind plant. Read it here.

A Rose by Any Other Name. In the celebrity news corner, we have a new tell-all book by Madonna's brother which happily coincides with the brouhaha over the supposed demise of her marriage and alleged affair with A-Rod. Just in to the newsroom... Angelina Jolie delivered a matched set by Cesarean section. Ouch!

Guns and Roses. Here's a list of the top ten gangster movies. See how it compares with yours. Personally, Scarface did nothing for me. I couldn't get past Al Pacino's Puerto Rican accent. Where's Donnie Brasco, The Valachi Papers, The Black Hand?


Claudia4Libertad said...

Aw Ruth, come on! Scarface was amazing! Did you know he had some kind of dental device in his mouth to make him talk like that?

I agree, it shouldn't be a gangster movie, and Donny Brasco should be on there instead, though I hate to see Al play the underdog.

rsnlk said...

Claudia, I love Al dearly, but the accent was just too distracting. Kinda reminds me of Brando's cotton wads in The Godfather.

Anonymous said...

How about "Angels With Dirty Faces", "Public Enemy" and "Once Upon a Time in America".

rsnlk said...

You are absolutely right, anonymous. How could I have forgotten. I guess I can't include the Bowery Boys, but they were fun. I grew up with Slip Mahoney and crew.