Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fact or Fiction?

Yes, high speed internet is making its way to Cuba via Venezuela. Not to be picky, but does this bit from Information Week seem to have a decided bent? Prominently featured is this quote from the Wiki Leaks report:

"The contract between the two countries, which has been independently verified, adds weight to Cuban statements that the United States economic embargo of the island has forced it to rely on slow and expensive satellite links for Internet connectivity," said Wilileaks investigative editor Julian Assange in the report. "

The supposed refusal of the United States to allow Cuba access has also been in just about every report. But I'm a little confused. Here's Dan Fisk from the National Security Council in May. may interest you to know that the Bush Administration authorized a U.S. company in 2002 to connect Cuba to an existing fiber-optic cable in the Atlantic. That authorization is still valid. The fact is that the Cuban regime has not been interested in providing the Cuban people with Internet access. Further, the President has twice offered to license U.S. non-governmental organizations and faith-based groups to provide Internet-ready computers to the Cuban people if the regime ends it restrictions on Internet access. We are still waiting for the regime to allow Internet access to the Cuban people. I hope you are asking the rulers in Havana the same question. (The full text of his remarks here.)

Wonder why I haven't come across that tidbit in any of the reports?

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