Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Just a Cinematic Sunday

Shadow of a Doubt. By now we've all seen the fallout from "whinegate," as in Gramm resigning from the McCain campaign. Austin Hill in this article asks the question "Are we a nation of whiners?" Now for the person who has lost his job or business, the question is insulting, but if we move from the economy to the election.... Read it and think.

Torn Curtain. Jose at Cubanology brought this one to my attention. Seems that in Hollywood admitting you are a Republican, or just not a liberal, can be dangerous to your career health, or at the very least your social standing. So tell me something I don't know. Still, it's nice to see it in writing, and a few more closet pubbies were outed. Most interesting is Breitbart's analysis of the effect of this ideological rigidity on the product.

Notorious. In this one, Stuart Levine discovers that strong women in TV are labeled "bitches." Hallelujah! Funny thing is I love many of the characters he cites, particularly the sluttish Grace. You go, girl!

Foreign Correspondent. As Obama makes his previctory progression through Europe, there will be one corner of Prague forever Republican, or so you would infer from this profile of the
Mlynská Kavarná, or Mill Café. Charming.

The Birds. Actually more like the bees. Motorists on the Jersey Turnpike were assailed by bees. Was it a swarm of mad killer bees or the survivors of some radioactive mutation? Naw, somebody's hive broke according to the article. This all leads to the first comment that we should destroy all bees.

Lifeboat. Let's end with another list. An instructive one this time: 10 tips for the unwary about financial promises made on TV commercials. Duh. Actually, it's part of a larger 10 tips section that's pretty interesting.

...and for the bonus question....who were the directors?


fermi said...

Been a Holly Hunter fan for a while, and the Grace Hanadarko character is a romp for Holly. Got hooked on the show when it premiered, and glad it's back for the summer.
Wish I could say the same for 'The Closer'. Yawn..........

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

AH......naming the "directors"(?) is as easy as 123! I Confess that I have often been held Spellbound by his films.

rsnlk said...

Touché. I Confess I was a tad misleading.