Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Raul of 100 Days

Yesterday marked two milestones or is that two more millstones? Not only did Raul Castro turn 77, but his reign reached the 100 day mark. In a positively gushing Reuters article, the septuagenarian is celebrated the "embodiment" of change to the Cuban people. Included is the requisite quote from Phil Peters, as well as this doozy from Julia Sweig from the Council on Foreign Relations:

"a year from now we're going to look back and track even more changes, more substantive changes, than we've seen to date."

Toasters aside, lest they get too carried away with the great white hope, I thought I'd share just what it is that Raul embodies. Here are just some headlines from the island for the last two days or so:

Suffering the Oppression and Maltreatment of These Monsters: Letter from Kilo 7 Provincial Prison.

Repression Against Participants in the Carmen [Mass offered weekly for political prisoners] Does not Cease

Sanatoriums for Aids Patients Closed

President of Gay Organization Goes on Hunger Strike

Raul Castro Consolidates his Power; Repressing the People

Accused and Threatened Activists from the Opposition Movement for a New Republic

Attack Against the Home of Oswaldo Paya Sardinas

Opposition Members Provoked and Threatened at the Conclusion of Activity

Opposition Members Threatened in Santa Clara

Christian Pastor and Family Beaten in Holguin

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