Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Summer Reading

This summer promises books from some of my favorite authors. So my fellow bibliophiles, here are the highlights of the summer reading list:

Legally Dead by Edna Buchanan due out in August.

Swan Peak by James Lee Burke in July. It's a Dave Robicheaux novel, and I love Robicheaux.

The Broken Window by Jeffrey Deaver in June. It's the eighth book featuring Lincoln Rhyme, this time with a cyber twist.

The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston of Relic et al fame in June. This one is a true life story of his hunt for a serial killer in Florence, Italy. It sounds like a strange story.

An Advancement of Learning by Reginald Hill out in April. It's not one of the Pascoe novels, but rather number two in a series where I missed one, but I'll give it a try. There's nothing like a refined British mystery with a glass of vino on a Friday afternoon.

Vineyard Chill by Phillip R Craig due out in June. This is a sad one. It's the final Martha's Vineyard mystery because Mr. Craig died after its completion. These were always light whodunits.

Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith out now. This is one of those titles the library purchases two of and then you're on a waiting list forever. Could be because Barnes & Noble highlighted it. Last one was the Davinci Code. Anyway, sounds like a distant cousin of Gorky Park: serial killer in Stalinist Russia, official dissembling, suspense. Speaking of which, if you haven't already read Stalin's Ghost by Martin Cruz Smith you might want to do it. It doesn't disappoint.


Fermi said...

Definitely looking forward to the next Robicheaux, and Lee Child is coming out with his next 'Reacher' novel. And if you haven't done so already, get hooked on the 'Repairman Jack' series by F. Paul Wilson. Start at the beginning with "The Tomb" and take off from there.

rsnlk said...

Never read a Child, or Wilson for that matter. Just can't seem to get into Wilson. But then you didn't like "Lost Man's River," so we're even.

rsnlk said...

Oh, gotta read the new King, "Duma Key." Set on some Gulf Coast key where the character goes after a huge construction accident. Sound familiar?

Fermi said...

Read "Duma Key" back in March. One of King's better 'opi'. Particularly liked the character called Wireman. You'll enjoy the role the Gulf Coast art scene plays in the story.