Monday, May 5, 2008

Putting the Sunday Edition to Bed on Monday

No Festival. Seems I'm not the only one lamenting the demise of the festival. It is not often that I agree with an editorial position in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, but this time they're just plain right. There have also been some letter writers. My favorite: this one which recognizes the sad reality of where Sarasota's heading.

No Safety. In a truly sad story, a young woman was raped and beaten while returning a book at the night drop at the Bloomingdale (FL) Regional Library. There is no such thing as safety anymore. Read about the arrest here.

No Shame. Yet another in what has become a tediously long line of articles, this time in the International Herald Tribune, about how younger Cuban Americans are changing voting habits. Again, Joe Garcia pops up like a political rolypoly. If he is correct, it is a case of no harm, no foul. But it occurs to me that if Garcia is soundly trounced, he will have performed a great disservice to Cuban Americans, having fed into that whole mindset about the intransigent elders. Read it here.

Wee Willie. Finally, police, yes, police, in the Congo have arrested thirteen reputed sorcerers for shrinking penises, other people's that is. This is serious stuff as there have been attempted lynchings over the matter. Read all about it here.

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