Friday, May 30, 2008

Leading Bookstore Indicators?

I admit I've been feeling pretty pessimistic about the fall. First, there were the losses of "safe" Republican seats. Then, I've noticed an interesting phenomenon at the bookstore where I've been working in the AM's and any magazine with Obama's visage seems to fly out the door. The other morning, there was a mad rush to pick up the McClellan book, and Bugliosi has broken my heart by penning a tome proposing that Bush is guilty of war crimes. Can you picture anyone writing such a thing accusing FDR over the bombing of Dresden and other cities full of civilians?

Then today I came across this Patrick Buchanan column. Now I'm not a particular fan of Buchanan, particularly when he gets his panties in a twist over illegal immigration. I realize we have to stem the tide, but there is a racist undertone to his rants. So why was my heart lifted to read a column in which he trashes Bush? Easy. Take a look at the comments.

So in the end, I'm figuring that maybe a bookstore is not the best indicator of the general populace. Neither is Human Events, I suspect. Guess I'll just have to wait until this fall.


Henry Louis Gomez said...

Unfortunately Buchanan is labeled as a conservative but he is not. He is a populist. And a scary one at that.

Angel Garzón said...

Ruth, do not be discouraged, the Rhinopublicans have caused the Party to be viewed as just a slightly different form of the Sociocrats. The GOP blew it big time when its members in Congress decided to play nice with everyone, instead of sticking to their guns, i.e., the values that unify its different wings. They blew it bigger time when they failed to be willing to be more inclusive towards "Hispanics" (I hate that term, 1970 Bureau of the Census' excrement) who shared most, if not all of their values, instead they buckled to the loud and boisterous demands of the extreme xenophobes, Pat Bucagan's (pardon my french dear) crowd.

I repeatedly mailed proposals to various GOP stalwarts detailing the huge potential of the yet mostly untapped Latino population, some replied, others sent the usual canned responses which cannot be called legitimate replies. When Tom Kean,Jr. ran for the Senate against Menendez in NJ, I was not contacted by his so called campaign even once, if one dares call it a campaign, Kean, Jr. was no Brett Schundler and socialist Menendez won that seat, him and Sires, both former Republicans (naive to the hilt, they dared to run as GOP back in their early days in Hudson County, of all places) would do whatever it takes (legally and otherwise) to attain power, they get big slices of the pie from their masters and drop chunks of it instead of crums to their Cuban-American constituencies in NJ, whom to their shame, keep on blindly following them.

Again, do not be discouraged, it's house cleaning time. I do not agree with all of McCains positions and ideas, but he has been the only well known Republican that has truly reached out to us, you may be thinking, wait a minute, Dubbya has done that, sorry Ruth, Dubbya is an idiot, the Bushisms do not come out of a vacuum, except perhaps that huge black hole that he has in his cranium, where decades ago there used to be cerebral neurons, all of which met their untimely death by alcohol and cocaine in the 1970s.