Thursday, May 1, 2008

An Eco Fable

Just finished a post for Babalublog which reminded me of a story one of those high-priced consultants brought in just for the occasion once told at an in service day. It's also enviropolitically correct.

Once upon a time, some very happy frogs lived in a very happy little pond. But then a big, bad paper company opened a plant next door. They discharged heated toxic water into the pond. At first, it was just uncomfortable, so the frogs put up with it. But as the temperature and toxicity kept rising, some frogs started questioning whether they should leave the only home they had ever known. They eventually took off and were never heard from again. The others adapted, and adapted still more as conditions worsened. Finally, they were all killed off by the conditions. Did the other frogs make it? Who knows? But at least they had a fighting chance unlike their compatriots.

I tell the story for no other reason than to remind myself. It seized something in my imagination. I share it because I think it says something important; I'm just still haven't worked it out.

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