Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mas Me Ayuda

Need more. This film student's stay in Cuba is exactly why these exchanges are dangerous. Yes, it is the big, bad embargo that is hurting Cubans, not their totalitarian government with its disastrous economic policies.

And what the hey, if they have no freedom, the very freedom this erstwhile film student enjoys, they have health care. Here's a quote for you:

"The people there will never overthrow the government," thinks Wiseman. He adds, "In Cuba [they have] 98% literacy rate, there's free health care everyone has a house."

But wait, he did figure out he was in a Communist country-

Still he says what the people get for free has its price. "Their health care is not the best, their transportation is in a terrible situation," adds Wiseman. "This is still a communist society. They don't have the basic rights of freedom of speech and they can't leave the country."

If you're in the mood for simplistic, read it here.

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