Saturday, April 5, 2008

Storms and Sisterhood

There's a tropical rainstorm outside, comforting in its way. I haven't been posting much because of all sorts of difficulties. Anyway as I was going over one of my best friends' homes earlier, it struck me. We were introduced when she became romantically involved with one of my closest friends. No one expected us to get along, let alone become close. We are very different in background, education, personality, you name it. Ah, but we know something they don't.

There's a sisterhood out there, a sorority of sorts- women who've seen trouble. When we meet, there is no secret handshake, no secret decoder ring, but we know. Sometimes it's a colleague at work, someone whose story you never really learn but you know all the same. It's a look, a spirit, a moment of empathy, the wisdom of knowing that you can survive the next curve life throws at you.

So as I sit here, the rain keeps falling on the just and unjust alike, and tomorrow the sun will come up, and life will have to be lived.


Gina said...

Just cruising the blog world and came across your several interesting some of your observations are....but I really liked this idea you had that women can sense women who have seen trouble...and maybe survived....I think it's sort of seperates the cheerleader types from the real women.


rsnlk said...

Gina, love the cheerleader/real women way of looking at it.
Thank you for your kind words and your visit.